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Copyright royalties as earned income

If the royalty payments for your music are relatively small or you want a simple model, we recommend working with a tax card. In this case, you might make music for yourself or others, work as a house writer in a publishing company or be retired.

When you become a member, please remember to send us your current tax card. You can submit your tax card by logging in on our web service and adding the card in your data at the Remunerations section.

If you forget to submit your tax card, we must follow the guidelines of the Finnish Tax Administration and withhold tax on your distributions at a rate of 60%.

After your first year as a member, we will receive your personal tax rate directly from the Tax Administration at the beginning of each fiscal year. The new tax rates are updated on our web service as of 1 February each year.

In January, we use your most recent tax rate for the preceding year, provided by the Tax Administration or specified in a revised tax card submitted by you.

Teosto does not deduct pension contributions from copyright royalties.


You can see your current tax rate in our web service. Please check regularly that the rate is up-to-date.

Do you live abroad permanently?

If you have lived abroad for more than 3 years and you are taxable in another country, please send us a certificate of domicile issued by the local civil registry office.

If you have lived abroad for less than 3 years, you can apply for a Finnish tax at source card and submit the card to Teosto. For more information, please contact the Finnish Tax Administration.

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