The Copyright Act protects your works

Copyright protects your works for the duration of your lifetime and for 70 years after your death, regardless of whether or not you are a Teosto member.

Teosto manages the financial rights related to the use of your music if you are a Teosto member:

  • By collecting information on the use of your music on radio and television, at concerts and events, as background music at companies, etc.
  • By ensuring that you receive the royalties owed to you for the performance and mechanical reproduction of your music
  • By safeguarding the interests of our members in order to improve the preconditions of creative work and your opportunities for success

If you are not a Teosto member, the licences to any performance or mechanical reproduction of your music must be requested from you yourself, in addition to which you will also be responsible for the agreements and invoicing related to all parties performing your music.

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