Copyright remains in force for 70 years after the end of the author’s year of death. However, copyright is inherited, similarly to all other property, after the author’s death.  Regulations related to inheritance, wills and marital right to property apply to the inheritance of rights.

After the author’s death, the member relationship will continue between Teosto and the member’s heirs, unless the relationship is terminated.

Parties that have become rightholders via inheritance, a will or marital right to property may not apply for membership of Teosto.  Members and ordinary members are differentiated by the fact that ordinary members wield decision-making power at Teosto. Insofar as distribution is concerned, this matter is of no consequence.

How is copyright income paid?

After the author’s death, music performance and mechanical reproduction rights income may be paid to an undistributed estate, or to each rightholder, in accordance with the division or distribution of the inheritance.

If you have inherited copyrights to music, read the attached PDF form. It indicates the information and documents that you must deliver to Teosto and provides information on taxation issues.