Membership agreement in a nutshell

In the membership agreement, Teosto agrees:

• to collect information on the use of your music on radio, on TV, in online services, at concerts, at events etc.
• to ensure that you receive the royalties due to you for performances and mechanisation of your music
• to engage in safeguarding creators’ interests to improve the potential for creative work and your success

By signing a membership agreement with Teosto, you agree:

• to submit work notifications on all your works (compositions, lyrics and arrangements) so that Teosto can license your works for performance and distribute royalties to you
• to authorise Teosto exclusively to manage the financial rights in the use of your music; in other words, you may join Teosto if you are not already a member of a similar copyright organisation abroad representing you in rights categories and the geographical areas where you wish Teosto to represent you

The membership agreement applies to:

• works you have created before signing the agreement
• works you will create after signing the agreement

The membership agreement does not apply to:

• Grand rights which refer to the performing of original music for the stage in its original staged context
• notwithstanding the agreement, you are allowed to agree separately on mechanisation rights for specific works of yours for audiovisual recordings.

You may give notice to terminate the membership agreement at any time, but the agreement will always remain valid until July 1st or January 1st depending on when we receive the applicable form duly signed.

Self-administration of musical works

Teosto’s membership agreement for music authors covers all the compositions, lyrics and arrangements of an author. However, Teosto wants to increase music authors’ freedom of choice through self-administration. In practice, this means that authors can administer the rights to their works themselves in some cases.

Composers, lyricists and publishers can

  • fully withdraw one or more works from Teosto's administration, and
  • grant use rights for a single work or a single use instance themselves

In addition, an author can choose to self-administer rights to use music in

  • games
  • audiovisual recordings (contact member service for more info)
  • mechanical reproduction of production music (application form to be found in the member web service)
  • music-oriented stage performances (contact member service for more info).

Presenting your works or small scale sales of your works on your website

You can offer your works or parts of them for listening or free downloads on your own website. You can also sell your works without the NCB recording licence in a small scale (max. 1,000 downloads) in your own website. For these uses you will need a license which you can acquire in Teosto web service. Please note that the usage licence does not cover selling the works in community services.

Music in non-commercial use

You may grant licences for non-commercial use of your work. Granting a licence for non-commercial use requires that you have made sure that all possible third parties who own copyrights in your work, such as authors of a joint work or publishers, are also willing to grant the licence. 

If you wish to grant a licence for non-commercial use of your work, please always notify Teosto as well, so we are able take into account the licences you have granted in our own licencing of your work and distribution of royalties.

Please contact our member service for more information on granting licences for non-commercial use.