Performances abroad

As a music author or publisher, you are also entitled to royalties when your works are performed abroad. This requires that the Teosto partner organisation in the country in question is informed of the performance. When you are performing abroad, ensure that the event organiser delivers your performance information to the local copyright organisation.

Our partner organisations abroad invoice the users of music (radio and television broadcasters, event organisers, etc.) in accordance with the prices applicable in these countries. Following this, these organisations distribute the performing rights royalties owed to our members to Teosto, after which we pay these royalties to the authors of the performed works.

Teosto distributes foreign performing rights royalties between two and three times per year. The amount and arrival schedule of the royalties depends on the partner organisation in question.

Be sure to report performances abroad

If you have performed or know that someone has performed your music abroad, it is important that you report these performances to Teosto as soon as possible. Report your own concerts abroad via the online service. With regard to performances of your works by other people, you can send email to Teosto.

Via the online service, foreign concerts are reported in a different segment to domestic concerts.

Mechanical reproduction royalties

When a music author’s songs are mechanically reproduced as an album or video production, royalties for the use of these musical works are invoiced by the NCB on behalf of Teosto. This also applies to Finnish productions.

The NCB (Nordisk Copyright Bureau) is a copyright organisation formed by the Nordic copyright organisations Teosto, Koda, Stef, Stim, and Tono, for handling mechanisation rights. It is based in Copenhagen.

NCB distributions to Finnish rightholders are paid in connection with regular Teosto distributions.

Recordings published abroad

If you know that your music has been or will be published abroad, file a supervision request with us as soon as possible.  We will use the information in this request when contacting our sister society in the country in question, to ensure that royalties are properly paid.

Send the supervision request to the address Include the following information in the supervision request:

  • Recording title
  • Recording code of the release
  • Works
  • Released by
  • Release date
  • Release country
  • Copy of the label of the recording

Royalties collected from outside the Nordic and Baltic regions are not always received as quickly as royalties invoiced in the Nordic countries. Only distributions from the last three years can be retroactively adjusted.

For further information, contact our helpdesk at the number +358 10 808 118*, or send email.