Register information

This page displays the register specifications required by the legislation concerning personal information for each personal register formed and used in the operations of Teosto. The specifications are divided on the basis of the person groups concerned by the specification in question.

Rightholder register

Information on Teosto’s rightholder customers, i.e. composers, lyricists, arrangers and their heirs and the publishers of the music, is saved in the rightholder register.

Music user register / Performance licences

Information on the holders of music performance licences (event promoters, communities using background music in their operations, Internet and mobile use, etc.) is saved in the register concerning performance licences.

Music user register / Recording licences

Information on recording licence holders of visual and audio recordings of Teosto / Nordisk Copyright Bureau (NCB) (e.g. production companies) is saved in the recording licences register.

Music performer register

Information on performing artists or parties authorised by them, delivering performance reports of musical pieces to Teosto, is saved in the performer register.

Feedback register

Information on people who have provided feedback through the Teosto website is saved in the feedback register.