EUR 26.3 million distributed to composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers in June

Teosto distributed a total of EUR 26.3 million in royalties to music authors and publishers on 11 June 2020. Of the total, EUR 13.1 million was paid to Teosto’s domestic customers. The rest will be paid 1 July to foreign rightsholders whose music has been performed in Finland. In Finland, a total of 19,555 rightsholders received royalties.  

Majority of the distributed royalties are for music used on domestic radio and TV channels (EUR 12.2 million) and public performance of music at concerts, live music events and as background music (EUR 10.6 million). They also include royalties collected from music usage online and abroad, mechanical reproduction royalties as well as equalisation distributions for 2019.

The impact of the corona situation is reflected with a delay in performing rights royalties

As the distribution paid out was accumulated from music usage in the year 2019, the impact of the corona situation is not yet reflected in the amount of royalties. “Royalties for festivals, concerts, live music events and background music played in customer premises are a significant part of royalties. The impact of cancelled events and closed customer premises due to restrictions on gatherings will therefore inevitably be reflected in the payroll of music authors and publishers in upcoming distributions later this year and next year, ”says Risto Salminen, CEO of Teosto. -Although domestic music has been played extensively on television, radio and streamed concerts during the Covid-19 period, it is not enough to compensate for the loss of royalties from live performances. We will be able to make more concrete assessments during the fall”.

The most royalties for the use of Finnish music abroad came from France, the United Kingdom and Italy.

Royalties collected by Teosto

Teosto collects royalties for the public performance and mechanical reproduction of both domestic and foreign music and distributes them on to music rightsholders four times a year.
We constantly strive to speed up the collection of royalties so that they can be distributed to rightsholders as soon as possible after the performance. The next dsitribution will be paid in September 2020.
More specific information about the distribution categories included in this distribution and about the royalty collection schedule can be found in the 2020 distribution calendar.

Category Performance area Period EUR million
Radio and TV Yle TV & Yle Areena Q4/2019 1,61
Commercial TV Q4/2019 1,85
Internet PVR services 2019 1,27
Yle Elävä arkisto 2019 0,14
Pay-TV 2019 0,78
Yle radio Q4/2019 1,17
Commercial radio Q4/2019 0,85
Equalisation distribution: TV 2019 3,64
Equalisation distribution: radio 2019 0,90
Public performance Concerts and festivals 2019 4,47
Live music 2019 2,04
Background music (distributed based on events) 2019 1,48
Background music (based on radio broadcasts) Q4/2019 1,30
Stage 2019 0,17
Cinema 2019 0,68
Equalisation distribution: background music, radio 2019 0,43
Internet Commercial VOD 2018 0,06
Online, streaming (NMP)* Largest amounts Spotify:8/2019, 11-12/2019, 1/2020, Youtube Adbased 10-12/2019  1,27
Reproduction Mechanical reproduction royalties (NCB)* Collected by 31.12.2019  0,87
YLE reproduction 2019 0,45
Several Distributions from abroad Collected by 31.3.2020  0,52
Refunds from abroad Unknown 0,01
Subsidies for the promotion of Finnish music 2019 0,20
Adjustments: missing work notifications, resolved disputes 31.12.2019 mennessä kertyneet/ratkotut 0,17
TOTAL 26,3

*The invoicing and processing of the international online music services licensed by Teosto are carried out by Network of Music Partners A/S, or NMP. NMP is a joint venture owned by Pan-Nordic Nordisk Copyright Bureau NCB and the English collection society PRS for Music.