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Based on the notifications, Teosto pays royalties to authors and publishers whose music has been performed in performances, concerts or festivals. That is, to you or to those authors whose songs you perform in your performances.

You can also submit the notification on behalf of a band or an artist if, for example, you work at a music agency.

There are no fees for submitting a performance notification. The performance locations and the event organisers pay Teosto a license fee for using the music. Royalties for the performed songs are always the responsibility of the event promoter, so the performer doesn’t have to pay for them.

Many composers and lyricists don’t ever perform themselves, so their performing right royalties depend on the performance information submitted by others.

How to submit a notification of music performance


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Report your performances

Submit the performance date, event venue and organiser, performance type (concert, festival) and performed works.

Keikkamobiili App For Performing Artists

”I immediately downloaded the app on my iPad after its release. It’s convenient and easy to use, as mobile applications go. Submitting the notification only takes a few minutes.”

Rainer Nygård, The Finnish metal band Diablo

About Performance Notifications

You can conveniently report both your domestic and international concerts by using the Keikkamobiili App. Learn more about performance notifications.