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Instructions for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic for our customers who use music

Below a short compilation of instructions related to the corona situation for our customers who use music, such as restaurants, dance venues and event organizers.

1. You can cancel invoicing for the following live music at an event licenses until further notice by yourself: 

ELMU Fixed
ELMU Percentage
MEKA Fixed
MEKA Percentage
Cancel the invoicing by notifying and confirming “Ei tapahtumia” (No Events) in the monthly notifications for the above-mentioned licenses. If you have already added events to the months, you can still edit previous notifications and remove events from various months by clicking the name of the event.
PLEASE NOTE! Only Teosto customer service can cancel “Ei tapahtumia” notifications, so please do not send notifications for such months whose situation is not yet clear. 

2. You can notify changes in the invoicing of these licenses with the Muutosilmoitus form

ELMU Annual
MEKA Annual
Live music at an event: Minor License
Mechanically reproduced dance music and karaoke at an Event: Minor License

ELMU Annual and MEKA Annual licenses

If the number of organised events is significantly lower than originally estimated because of the coronavirus pandemic, you can notify the new (reduced) number of events with the Muutosilmoitus form (only in Finnish).

Live music at an event: Minor License and Mechanically reproduced dance music and karaoke at an Event: Minor License

You can cancel above mentioned Minor Licenses you have purchased for this year if no events have been organised with the license yet. In this case, we will reimburse you for the cost of the above mentioned Minor Licenses.  You can cancel the license with the Muutosilmoitus form (only in Finnish).
If events have already been organised, the license cannot be cancelled completely. If you have organised a maximum of two events, our customer service can cancel your Minor License and issue you an Event license that the events will be transferred to. This is a more affordable solution than the Minor License if you have organised less than two events. 
The Event License is valid until further notice. You can organise as many events as you want with the license, but information for the events must be notified in our web service. Prices and license terms for the Event License are available here. You can ask our customer service to implement the above-mentioned transfer by making a notification with the Muutosilmoitus form (only in Finnish).

Event License

The event license is invoiced based on the event notifications you have made in our web service. If you do not organise any events and do not file notifications, no invoices are created.

3. Transferring the due dates for your invoices

Teosto’s invoicing is primarily operated as before, i.e. payment term is 14 days from the date of the invoice. Payment reminders are sent as always unless you contact us. 
If necessary, our customer service can postpone the due date for your invoice and extend the payment term with 30 days from the original due date if there are no outstanding invoices and your payment history is in order. Please contact us by telephone or with the Muutosilmoitus form as soon as you get the invoice and ask for an extension.
The longest payment term extension that we can grant with our discretion is 90 days. This extension requires that you negotiate with us, and the condition for the extension is that you pay 30% of the invoice immediately. Request a negotiation with us and leave your contact details by email at
If your invoice has already been transferred to collection with our debt collection agency Svea, contact Svea to agree on a repayment plan. Svea’s contact details and other instructions are available in the invoice you have received from them.

4. Organising online gigs or concerts subject to a fee

If you stream a gig, concert or other live music event online and sell tickets, i.e. paid viewing rights, to the event, you must acquire a separate license for the streaming.  Instructions in english on how to get the license will be added here shortly. Meanwhile please e-mail a short description of the online event you are arranging and your contact info (phone number included) to and our customer reps will contact you. 

5. Acquiring a user ID for the web service 

If you have forgotten or lost your user ID to our web service, please request a new one from our customer service. The original user ID and password have been sent to you by email, so kindly check your inbox first to see if you can find the user ID which has already been sent to you. The sender of the email that contains the username is ‘Teosto tapahtumat’.

6. Cancelling your license completely

If you are terminating your operations completely, you can cancel your license with the Muutosilmoitus form (only in Finnish).

Please do not cancel your license if it is not necessary 

Before you make any changes to your license or cancel it, please note that the gathering restrictions are expected to end in early summer. After this, events can be organised as before, so cancelling your license completely might not be necessary or useful. Instead, take advantage of a break in invoicing.
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