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Use of Music in Artificial Intelligence and Reservation of Text and Data Mining for Commercial Purposes 

The main rule under copyright law is that use of copyrighted works requires the relevant rightsholders’ permission (for example a licence). Teosto represents almost 40.000 music authors and music publishers and licenses their works based on Teosto’s membership agreement. In addition, Teosto represents approximately 3 million music authors and music publishers based on reciprocal representation agreements with international sister societies.  

Artificial intelligence (AI), such as generative AI systems, is developed and trained based on substantial volumes of existing works and content; the material allows AI to recognize, learn and comprehend patterns. When it comes to music, AI analyses the structure and composition of musical compositions, in order to gain necessary data and patterns from such compositions, ultimately allowing AI systems to create new musical output and lyrics.  

Technology can be used to support human creativity and Teosto embraces technological advances, but highlights the importance of responsible use of AI. When copyright protected works are exploited, rightsholders need to be properly remunerated. Teosto has signed the Human Artistry Campaign petition and its core principles for AI applications, underlining the importance of respecting the works of authors, transparency and compliance with applicable legislation.  

Teosto wants to ensure that copyrighted works represented by Teosto do not become part of the development and training of AI without a licence. Reproduction or other use of said works for the purposes of developing and training AI technologies requires a license from Teosto, unless otherwise stipulated by applicable law. 

In relation to the above, Teosto hereby expressly reserves the right to engage in text and data mining in accordance with section 13b.1 of the Finnish Copyright Act (8.7.1961/404) implementing article 4 of Directive (EU) 2019/790. Consequently, to the extent training and developing AI encompass text and data mining of works represented by Teosto, such text and data mining also requires a licence from Teosto. 

Any requests for licences shall be directed to Teosto at Teosto licenses besides the repertoire of its direct members, also the repertoire of its sister societies, provided Teosto has been provided with the relevant rights.   

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