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Teosto sustainability report 2023

Sustainable operations are at the core of Teosto’s objectives. We manage copyrights professionally and efficiently.

We are a non-profit organisation. Our basic task is to enable the professional making and use of music.

Sustainability at Teosto is reflected in how we ensure the fulfilment of copyright and the quality and efficiency of their management. Our efforts are seen in the whole of society as the vitality of the Finnish creative industries.  Our operations are based on trust, and trust is built on sustainable operations.

Our goal is to ensure that Finland offers good conditions for working in the the creative industries and using music professionally. We manage the copyrights of music authors and publishers and promote Finnish creative music.

Teosto’s sustainability in a nutshell

In our corporate social responsibility reporting, we strive to comply with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) framework, according to which we report particularly on the development of matters essential to Teosto. We regularly measure our progress in the core areas of our operations, and our aim is to improve our operations every year.

Teosto’s key sustainability indicators:

Year 2023 (2022)
Teosto’s total CES – Customer Effort Score (49)
million EUR, Teosto’s distributions to rightholders (EUR 67 million)
64,2 T
Greenhouse gas emissions from Teosto’s operations (54,1 tonnes)
Quality of Work Life index (78,5)
Sustainable operating methods and good governance

We operate on the basis of the law, Teosto’s statutes  and the decisions made by our General Meeting. Our operations  are guided by the expectations of our stakeholders.

Cultural Responsibility

We want to carry responsibility for the diversity of music and for improving the working conditions of future generations of music authors.

Taloudellinen vastuu
Financial Responsibility

Financial responsibility at Teosto means ensuring the efficiency and competitiveness of our operations as well as protecting the financial interests of our rightholder members.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental values play an important role in Teosto’s operations, and our goal is to become a carbon-neutral organisation.

Sosiaalinen vastuu
Social Responsibility

Teosto carries responsibility for both its rightholder members (composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers) and its staff.

Our transparent operations

In addition to the sustainability report, Teosto publishes an annual report every year. The report includes key figures, financial statements and the transparency report required from collective management organisations.

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