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Concerts, Festivals, Conventions

Event Licence
  • Gives you the right to perform live music, recorded music or karaoke at non-recurring events of all sizes
  • For example for companies, corporations and societies that organise events
  • Includes both Teosto’s and Gramex’s licences
  • For free events and events subject to a charge
  • Event-specific price
  • To be paid 2–4 weeks after each event
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Ten Licence
  • A maximum of ten events during a calendar year
  • Not bound to a specific venue, at the maximum 200 attendees per event
  • You can obtain a Large or Small licence
  • Large: for live music, karaoke, recorded music and background music
  • Small: karaoke, recorded music and background music
  • No reporting of invoicing or music-related information to Teosto
  • The licence is specific to a certain business ID (one Ten Licence per year per company)
  • A single restaurant cannot have both a Ten Licence and a live or recorded music for a restaurant licence
  • Paid for with a single invoice, no payment refund is given even if the number of events organised is less than ten
  • For using recorded music, you also need a Gramex Event Licence which is sold together with the Ten Licence
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Licence for Background Music at an Event
  • Gives you the right to play background music at events
  • At least ten events per year, maximum audience per event 2,000 attendees
  • You can get a licence that covers as many events as needed and the number of events covered can be increased, if necessary
  • Paid for with a single invoice in advance at the beginning of the year
  • No information reporting to Teosto
  • In addition, a Gramex Recorded Music at an Event licence is required
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