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Services for music publishers

Join as a publisher member

Your business should become a Teosto member if publishing music is part of your regular activity. We will handle financial rights related to the use of your work, on your behalf.

We sell music usage and performance rights

We sell licenses for the public performance and recording of your music, on behalf of your business.

We produce and research market information

We collect information on the use of your works and conduct current research on music use.

We pay copyright royalties to publishers

You will receive royalties when your music has been performed publicly or recorded on audio or video.

Become a publisher member

Order a membership agreement from our customer service and we will post it to the (e-mail) address of your choice. The agreement will take effect once you have sent us the signed agreement and paid the membership fee.

The membership fee for publishers is EUR 300 + VAT. There are no additional charges for being a member. The member agreement is valid until terminated by either party.

The membership agreement applies to every composition and arrangement published by your business, and to related lyrics and translations.

Contact us

Our services are accessible online

When becoming a Teosto member, you should also order an online service agreement, so we can sell licenses to use your works and collect performance and recording royalties on your behalf. You can order a web service agreement in Finnish via the link below. To order a web service agreement in English, please contact our customer service. We will send login credentials for our web service by email to the contact person of your business.

In our web service you can

  • register publishing agreements and related work notifications
  • browse works in the works database
  • check the sums and dates of payments
  • browse payment lists
  • check the accuracy of your own contact details

Frequently asked questions


  • Report your publishing agreements in our web service
  • Together with the authors,  ensure that work notifications have been submitted for the works

We need information about publishing agreements in order to sell licences for the works and collect performing right and reproduction royalties.

The following information in the publishing agreement is registered in our work database:

  • information about the publisher or sub-publisher of the work
  • information about how performing right and reproduction royalties have been agreed to be shared among the authors and the publisher of the work

The amount of money distributed each year depends on the amount of royalties collected from music users that year.

The amount of money distributed to an individual publisher is affected by:

  • how much the song they published has been performed; and
  • what is the publisher’s share of the royalties to be distributed for the work

The amount of money distributed for radio and TV useis affected by:

  • the reach of the channel/station where the music was performed (national or local)
  • the duration of the performance
  • the number of performances; and
  • channel/station revenue for commercial channels/stations

The amount of royalties distributed for events, live gigs and concerts is affected by:

  • the audience capacity of the venue; and
  • for paid events, ticket revenue and for free events, the number of attendees

For more information, see the MusicRoyalties page.

The authors and publisher of the work are paid royalties in accordance with the royalty shares specified for each party in the work notification. The limits defined in Teosto’s distribution rules must be observed when agreeing on royalty shares.

The publisher’s share is agreed on in the publishing agreement by the author and the publisher. The publisher is paid a share of the royalties of the author with whom the publisher has a publishing agreement.

The limits defined in the distribution rules are decided by authors and publishers at Teosto’s General Meeting.

By becoming a voting member, you can influence how royalties are distributed.

Reproduction royalties are distributed according to the same principle as performing right royalties.

In a sub-publishing agreement, the publisher agrees on the distribution of the work with another publisher.

When a Finnish sub-publisher signs a sub-publishing agreement with a foreign publisher, the publishers agree between themselves on the division of their shares. A copy of the sub-publishing agreement must always be submitted to Teosto.

For works sub-published for the territory of Finland, the publisher’s share will conform with the terms and conditions of the sub-publishing agreement.

We will distribute the royalties for the works in accordance with the principles laid down in Teosto’s distribution rules. The principles are decided by our voting members, i.e. the authors and  publishers themselves.

Royalties are not distributed to publishers retroactively. As a publisher member, you will be able to receive distributions from the moment you sign the membership agreement, submit the information about your publishing agreements and are entitled to royalties under the agreement.

The membership agreement can be terminated at any time. After termination, the agreement will be valid until the nearest half-yearly end date – until 30 June or 31 December. The membership fee will not be refunded.

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