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Teosto is a non-profit organisation that strives to enable professional creation and use of music.

We manage the copyrights of music authors and promote music creation in Finland. Our members and board of directors, which consists of representatives of our member organisations, have the highest decision-making power in Teosto.

The General Meeting

The General Meeting is our highest decision-making body. In the meeting, Teosto voting members decide on policies and appoint a board of directors. We have around 900 voting members, each with one vote. The General Meeting is held twice a year.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents Teosto, leads activities to promote music in our networks, and is responsible for our finances, for naming a CEO, and for managing our operations. The board includes the CEO and five members elected from among our member organisations.

The CEO of Teosto

Risto Salminen has been the CEO of Teosto since 2018. The CEO directs Teosto’s daily activities, following the instructions and stipulations of the board of directors. The management team supports the CEO in planning and leadership operations.

The Teosto Office

The Teosto office provides client services. We manage payments, update our information systems, and carry out legal, marketing, administrative, communications, and day-to-day human resource tasks. These positions employ around 70 people.

Working Groups and Committees

Preparations are often conducted in Teosto’s working groups and committees, in which we work together with our member organisations and other music experts.

More detailed descriptions of the tasks in the statutes of Teosto.

People of Teosto
39 060
Finnish rightholders
Voting members
Staff members


We work actively within the networks of copyright organisations and the creative industry in Finland and abroad.

  • In Finland, we actively take part in the advocacy activities of the Creators and entrepreneurs of the creative industry -association (Luovat ry).
  • Teosto’s international collaborative network includes CISAC, the world’s umbrella organisation for performing rights societies, and GESAC, the European equivalent.
  • Our activities are developed on the basis of up-to-date research and market information, both produced by Teosto and obtained from outside sources. Read more about our research.

Outsourced Services

  • Licensing, customer services, and invoicing for the performance of background music is carried out by Teosto and Gramex’s joint venture GT Musiikkiluvat Oy.
  • Licensing of cross-border online rights was transferred in 2019 to Polaris Music Hub, a limited company founded by Teosto and two other Nordic copyright organisations: Danish Koda and Norwegian Tono.
  • The invoicing and processing of international online music services are carried out by Network of Music Partners A/S, or NMP, on behalf of Teosto.
  • The international work database is maintained by ICE, which takes care of the storing and processing of the works’ details for Teosto as well as for many other European copyright societies.
We are committed to responsible operations.
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Annual reports
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Statutes of Teosto
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