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Board of directors

The chairman and members of the Teosto board of directors are elected at the General Meeting. The Board comprises six members: one member from each group of music authors (popular and contemporary music composers and lyricists), one member representing all authors, and two members representing music publishers. Half of the members of the board of directors are subject to re-election each year.

Antti Auvinen
Chairman of the Board

Antti Auvinen (1974) has worked as a full-time composer since 2004 and studied composition at Amsterdam and the Sibelius Academy. Since 2014, he has served as the Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Composers’ Association.

Saara Konttinen
Publisher Saara Konttinen (b. 1979) has a master’s degree in economics and has worked as a publisher since 2005. Konttinen is also a member of the board of the Finnish Music Publishers Association.
Maija Ruuskanen

Maija Ruuskanen (b. 1976) is a composer, musician and has a Master of Music (MMus) degree from the Sibelius Academy. Ruuskanen has composed music for numerous stage works, directed the Ruuskanen Railio Club and also served as Chairman of the Board of the Music Theater Kapsäkki.

Jiri Kuronen

Jiri Kuronen (1974) is a professional musician and composer who has worked in the field of rhythm music for 25 years. In addition, he teaches, serves as chairman of the board of the Georg Malmstén Foundation and is a member of MES’s sound production committee.

Iisa Pajula 2022
Iisa Pajula
Iisa Pajula (b. 1979) is a singer-songwriter who has been a professional music creator for over 15 years. As a solo artist, he has released four albums and has also written music for other artists. Pajula is also a member of the board of Teosto’s membership organization, Finnish Music Creators.
Riku Salomaa

MA Riku Salomaa (b. 1984) is the CEO of publishing company Nordic Music Partners and one of the experts of Finnish music export business. He is also a member of the board of the Finnish Music Publishers Association.

Anu Nissinen
Adviser to the Board

Nissinen is the CEO of Viestilehdet Oy and serves on the boards of many companies. Nissinen served as President and CEO of Sanoma Media Finland in 2011–2013 and before that for three years as President and CEO of Sanoma Entertainment Oy.

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