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Research and Innovation

We explore the future of music industry

Technological development is constantly transforming how music is produced, distributed and consumed. We are actively involved in building the future of music industry in Finland and internationally.

At Teosto, we explore the developments of the business and the possibilities that future technologies open to the business and Teosto’s operations. Disruption of the business continues and technology will continue to change the business landscape and to open new business models.

Our research and development activities are based on network-based innovation, agile prototyping, human-centric design and systematic approach to market intelligence and foresight work.

Market Intelligence on Music Industry

Reseach and development activities require up to date research and market intelligence, produced in-house at Teosto and acquired from external sources. Our operations produce vast amounts of data. Teosto provides information on music industry trends by analyzing and combining this information. 

Active Innovation Networks

We collaborate actively with technology providers, startups, innovation hubs, researchers and music industry partners. This work is done in international industry events, innovation networks and in by executing technology pilots. With pilots and prototypes we aim to identify and develop new business possibilities and to foresee future requirements and trends affecting Teosto’s organisational landscape.

Further information on the development projects of Teosto

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Ano Sirppiniemi
Senior Advisor, Technology and Foresight
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