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Policy affairs

You can focus on creating music, we take care your rights.

Composer-arranger Tido Nguyen
Member of Teosto since 2015

For almost a hundred years, Teosto has acted as a defender of its members’ interests in both domestic and international arenas. We want to ensure and increase your chances of professional success in the music industry. Creative work has a vital impact on both individuals and the society – and we aim to spread the word!

Enabling the success of music creators

We represent over 40,000 composers, lyricists, arrangers, and publishers by serving their interests and protecting their rights in society. Our goal is to make sure that making music professionally is profitable now and in the future.

  • We ensure the conditions for making music in the society.
  • We voice the needs and concerns of composers, lyricists, arrangers, and publishers in the public discussion.
  • We provide policymakers with up-to-date information to guide their decision-making.
  • We collaborate with other music industry players in policy affairs.

2024 European elections

The creative industry is a focal European industry with significant growth potential. Enabling the success of creative industry operators must be considered in EU politics as well. In the 2024 European elections, the primary production of music pursues the following goals:

Uniform regulation and enforcement in the EU single market
Fair market conventions for building the competitiveness of creative industry
Artificial intelligence supports the success of creative industry
Culture enforces vitality and common values

Our goals in Finland

The power of music produces significant growth and well-being. Music spreads across borders and enables new innovations, employment, and international competitiveness of the entire country. Music reinforces the stability and identity of our society and allows the flourishing of human creativity. A civilised society has strong cultural policies to support inclusion and unity. Our vision is a Finland where music has an even greater value to individuals, companies, and the society as a whole.

Funding of art and culture to one percent
Secure safety net for creators
Structures of the culture industry as a requirement for growth
Fair and uniform rules of operation

How we protect music authors’ rights

We issue statements and form working groups

We issue statements on upcoming laws that have an effect on the working conditions and viability of the music industry. We are a part of the Copyright Council, set up by the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as other working groups and seminars regarding social reform.

We bring people together

We meet regularly with social decision-makers. We host events in which our networks are encouraged to discuss current issues. In our Cultural Ambassador program, decision-makers meet and connect with musicians, composers, and publishers. We also participate in broader social events and campaigns.

We research and share new information

We utilise research data and market intelligence produced in-house at Teosto and acquired from external sources. We collaborate with the IPR University Center, which is engaged in research connected to intellectual property rights. Through our international networks, we receive information on global developments.

We collaborate

We collaborate actively with the key players in the creative industries, both in domestic and international markets. Through the umbrella organizations of the world’s copyright organizations, CISAC, and the European GESAC, we participate in joint advocacy campaigns.

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Contact us for more information on policy affairs

Iiris Suomela
Head of Policy and Public Affairs
Vappu Aura
Director, Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
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