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How to use the web service

With our easy-to-use web service, you can take care of your business when it suits you best. You can use the service to report new works and live performances, manage matters related to distributions and update your information.

In our web service, you can, for example:

  • submit work notifications, as in register your new works in an international work database
  • submit performance notifications for your live performances and live-streamed performances in Finland and abroad
  • make changes to work notifications for unpublished works
  • begin to self-administer your works
  • view your distribution statements, which show how much and from which period you have received royalties
  • browse your own works and works of others as well as the works’ author information via the general work search
  • submit a complaint if you notice an error in the distribution made to you
  • add your tax information for distribution tax withholding purposes
  • change your contact details, such as address or phone number
  • change your bank account number

If you don’t yet have login credentials for our web service or you have forgotten them, please follow the instructions below.

We always deliver usernames and passwords as encrypted secure emails. To see the message, open the secure email you received and click the link in it.

If you forgot your password

  • If you have forgotten your password but remember your username, you can order a new password via the web service.
  • The link for creating a new password will be sent as a secure email to the email address in your member information as soon as you have ordered it. The link will be valid for one hour.

If you have forgotten both your password and your username

 If you don’t yet have login credentials for the web service

  • If you do not yet have login credentials for the web service, you can get them by signing a web service agreement with your online banking credentials or mobile certificate.
  • On the agreement form, select the extent of the access rights you need.
    • If you do not perform yourself, select Author access rights
    • If you also perform music yourself, select Author and performer access rights
  • We will process your login credentials application as soon as possible. If you submit your application on a business day during working hours, you will usually receive the credentials on the same day. Applications submitted in the evening or over the weekend will be processed as soon as the next business day starts.
  • You will receive the credentials in a secure email sent to the email address you provided in the application. Click the link in the email to view the message.
  • If you do not have Finnish online banking credentials, please use the form for under 18-year-olds, publishers and parties to an estate.

Login credentials for under 18, publishers and parties to an estate

  • Underage music authors and performers whose agreements are signed by a guardian can apply for login credentials for the web service with the form below.
  • Publishers and parties to an estate can also apply for login credentials with the same form.
  • Adult music authors and performers can use this form to apply for login credentials only if they do not have Finnish online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

Login credential application form in Finnish (only for persons listed above)

  • Log in to the web service via the E-Services link in the top right corner of the website or at
  • When you log in to the web service for the first time, we will ask you to confirm your email address. We will continue to ask you to update your information at regular intervals.
  • The navigation menus at the top and the left side of the web service give you access to different sections of the service that allow you to change or view your own information and distributions.
  • PLEASE NOTE! Since the web service upgrade is still in progress, some of the functions are performed in the old service and some in the new service. Therefore, the appearance and functionality of the service will vary.

You can change your address, email address or phone number yourself in the Member Information tab. Remember to save your changes.

You can add or update your tax  information and change your bank account number in the Paid Royalties section of the Remuneration tab.

The tax information must be updated no later than six days before the payment date of the distribution for which you want to use it. Unfortunately, tax info added later than that cannot be considered.

PLEASE NOTE! If you want to receive royalties as earned income or compensation of use, please click here for more information.

The Tax Administration’s Incomes Register has largely replaced separate income certificates, which means that you will no longer need a separate certificate of the royalties paid to you by Teosto.

The Tax Administration’s Incomes Register provides unemployment funds, Kela, insurance companies, pension providers, the Tax Administration, employment funds and many other parties with information about the royalties and financial support paid by Teosto to its members.

If you need to submit an income certificate to a party that does not receive information directly from the Incomes Register, you can print out your own Income Register extract directly from the Incomes Register for private individuals.

If you need information about the period for which the royalties have been paid to you as an attachment to your Incomes Register extract, you can see this information in our web service in the Paid Royalties section under the Remuneration tab.

You can submit work notifications in the Work Notifications section of the Works tab by clicking the New work notification button.

Submit a work notification

  • for a new work
  • for a new version of an existing work, if it has different authors or if the shares of the authors differ from those in the original work notification. Add an identifier to the name of the new version that distinguishes it from the original work, for example Extended or RadioMix.

You can edit a work notification that you have already submitted if

  • the work is unpublished
  • the authors of the work and their shares will not be changed
  • only information such as the title of the work, the duration or similar details will be changed

Learn more about work notifications

Performance notifications for live performances as well as live-streamed gigs and concerts can be submitted in the Performance Notifications section of the Performances tab. The information required for a performance notification includes the date of the performance, the location, the event organiser and the works performed.

More information about performance notifications and their deadlines

How to submit a performance notification

You can view the distribution statements for distributions made to you up to 2014 in the Paid Royalties section of the Remuneration tab. In this section, you can also see for which period the royalties have been paid to you, in case you need to attach that information to your Incomes Register extract from the Incomes Register, for example.

You will be able to view your upcoming distributions in the Distributions section of the Remuneration tab 10 days before the distribution date of each distribution.

If you notice any omissions or errors in your distribution, please let us know by submitting a complaint in the Complaints tab.

Learn more about complaints


Our web service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. If you wish, you can change the language as well as your username and password on the My Profile tab.


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