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Teosto sets up COVID-19 funding for composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers
Eur 51.3 million distributed to music authors and publishers in 2019 by Teosto
Ceo’s review: Taking rights management services to the next level
Music streaming in the Nordics: Subscriptions up by 14%
Finnish music industry organisations to move to shared premises
Teosto Prize goes to FOLK by Jesse Markin and Totte Rautiainen
Teosto joins Music Tech leaders to tackle COVID-19 with Europe-wide innovation challenge
Instructions for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic for our customers who use music
Teosto to sell its shares in Mind Your Rights
Nordic licensing agreement on the use of music in SoundCloud
COVID-19 Impact On Teosto And Finnish Music Industry
EUR 8.5 million distributed to composers, lyricist and music publishers in March
Seven works nominated for the Teosto Prize

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