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We protect your rights in Finland and abroad.

Composer Iiro Rantala
Member of Teosto since 1993

The most important service you receive as our member are royalty payments: we collect royalties for the use of your music in Finland and abroad and pay them to you. We offer you expert services and advice on various practical matters related to your work. Through us, you are also part of the Finnish music authors’ community whose interests we serve and protect.

  • Global registration and maintenance of author and works details: as our member, you get an international author identifier (IPI number) and your works get international work identifiers (ISWC codes).
  • Making agreements on the use of music: we negotiate the terms and prices of using music with various parties and make licensing deals with music users.
  • We sell licenses for using your music.
  • We collect royalties for the use of your music in Finland and abroad.
  • We process music usage reports so that the collected royalties can be paid exactly to those music authors whose music was played.
  • We pay royalties and withhold the tax from royalties paid as earned income.
  • We provide advice and help in matters related to taxation and revenue models.
  • We process complaints, as in identify potential issues with royalty payments and sort them out.
  • 24/7 service channels online: in the web service, you can submit work or performance notifications, keep track of the royalties paid to you and submit notifications of self-administration.
  • Customer service and advice through our website’s live chat service (outside of office hours our chatbot is available), over the phone and by email.
  • Information, instructions and the latest news on our website and in our newsletter and social media channels.

You can apply for financial aid for making creative musical art. You can find more information about the grants awarded by the Commission Grant Committee of Teosto and other grants of the music industry.

Did you know that you can join Teosto when at least of your compositions, sets of lyrics, arrangements or translations has been performed publicly or recorded as an audio or AV recording. 

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