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Youtube mobiililaitteelta katsottuna

Music on websites, social media, and downloading and streaming services

Most popular licences
Minor Media Licence
  • Gives you the right to use music on the internet, in radio and local TV operations as well as download services
  • Does not cover the use of music in advertisement or marketing content published online or on social media
  • Only for operators with an annual revenue of up to EUR 50,000 from the above mentioned services
  • Covers video and audio content, both free of charge and subject to a charge for consumers, that includes music
  • Does not cover live streams or reproductions of gigs and concerts
  • Not needed for free live streaming of music content on platforms licensed by Teosto (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)
  • The obtainer of the licence does not need to report the information about to the use of music to Teosto
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Live Streaming Licence
  • Gives you the right to live stream gigs, concerts and other events that are primarily about music
  • Required for live streaming all the above content if the stream is subject to a charge for consumers
  • Also required for live streaming musical events that are free of charge for consumers if the streaming occurs via a platform other than a platform licensed by Teosto (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are licensed platforms)
  • The licence price includes the right to retain a live stream recording for on-demand viewing for 30 days
  • The number of viewing rights and the revenue from live-streamed events is reported to Teosto
  • No basic fees, invoicing is based on the reports you submit to Teosto
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Production-specific Synchronisation Licence
  • Gives you the right to incorporate music in moving images in a single AV production (videos)
  • Covers only synchronisation, not public performance or transmission to the audience
  • Suitable for the production of both streamed and physical AV reproductions
  • Production-specific lump-sum fee, the price is specified on the basis of the minutes of music
  • Music information of the production is reported to Teosto
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