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Musiikintekijä Tuomas Holopainen

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Composer-lyricist Tuomas Holopainen
Member of Teosto since 1997

You can become a member if you have at least one composition, set of lyrics, arrangement or translation that has been performed publicly or recorded as an audio or AV recording. When becoming a member, you can select the extent to which you wish Teosto to administer your rights.

The membership fee is a one-time fee of EUR 124 (EUR 100 + VAT 24%). There are no annual fees. The membership fee will not be returned if you withdraw your membership.

Read the contents of the our Membership Agreement (see below) and Kopiosto Grant of Rights.

Joining as an adult member

Become a Teosto member online if you are over 18. You will need Finnish online banking credentials or a mobile ID to become a member. Unfortunately the form is currently only in Finnish. If you wish to join in English, please contact our customer service.

Joining as a minor / joining without Finnish online banking credentials or a mobile ID

If you are under 18 years of age, you can order the forms needed to conclude a membership agreement by post: as a minor, you will need your guardian’s signature for the agreement. Unfortunately the web form for ordering the necessary documents is currently only in Finnish, but the actual agreement documents are in English,

Become a publisher member

When to join?

You can become our member as soon as your work has been publicly performed once and when you want to become a Teosto member. We warmly welcome you to join our community and use our services!

As new members must pay a membership fee, you might be interested to know how often your music needs to be performed publicly to make up for the membership fee of EUR 124 (EUR 100 + VAT 24%). Here are some alternative examples (one of these is enough) assuming that the works are played on the whole (duration 3 minutes) and same author is both the composer and lyricist.

  • 5 repeats on Yle’s national radio channel
  • 50 repeats on a national commercial radio channel
  • 250 repeats on local radio
  • 2-3 performances on Yle’s TV channel
  • 25 performances on a commercial TV channel
  • 100 concerts at a small club or pub
  • 2-3 concerts in a concert hall or at a stadium

However performing right roayalties can be collected and distributed only, if

  • The music user has paid for an appropriate license
  • Work notifications have been made
  • Perfomances have been reported to Teosto

Our membership agreement is flexible

The rights you grant us in the membership agreement are divided into various categories of rights and geographical areas. When becoming a member, you can select the extent to which you wish us to administer your rights. You can also adjust your membership agreement after joining Teosto.

You can limit the authorisation given to Teosto to only cover certain rights, countries or geographical areas, if you wish. Use the self-administration notifications to limit the rights. Self-administration means that you personally negotiate the use of your music.

If you are self-administering your music, you must:

  • personally negotiate the conditions and remuneration for the use of your music
  • invoice the royalties when your music is used
  • notify Teosto of each case of self-administration and grant of licenses.

We will not collect or pay remunerations for works or music use limited by self-administration.

Information on Teosto’s membership agreement

  • submit notifications on all of your works (compositions, lyrics and arrangements) to enable Teosto to sell licenses for your works and distribute your remunerations
  • grant Teosto the right to oversee the economic rights related to the use of your music in your selected categories of rights and geographical areas
  • immediately inform Teosto of any and all changes in your personal data and contact information
  • upon request to submit to Teosto a score or a recording or another corresponding copy of your work
  • submit to Teosto an accurate performance notification if you perform live music in a concert, at a gig or in similar events
  • collect information on the use of your music on radio and television, in web services, in concerts and events, etc. in terms of the categories of rights and geographical areas you have included under our administration
  • ensure you receive the correct amount of royalties for any performance and reproduction of your music in the categories of rights and geographical areas you have included under our administration
  • supervise your interests to improve the prerequisites for creative work and your chances of success.
  • works you have produced before concluding the agreement and becoming a member
  • works you produce after concluding the agreement and becoming a member


  • game music
  • so-called grand rights, in other words the performance of original music composed for a stage piece (such as opera or ballet) in its stage context.
  • music of stage pieces that are composed of small right works (so-called interpolated music), provided that you have a publisher and certain criteria set by the publishers on the use of music are met.
  • the rights or geographical areas you exclude from Teosto for self-administration.

Download form for terminating your membership 

Your membership agreement with Teosto is valid until

  • the term of protection of your works expires
  • you or Teosto terminate the membership agreement in writing, in which case the agreement will expire on the date of termination which is closest to the date on which the notice of termination takes effect.

Terminations will take effect twice a year

  • Changes notified between 1 January and 30 June take effect on 30 June
  • Changes notified between 1 July and 31 December take effect on 31 December

You cannot terminate the agreement if you have outstanding debts to Teosto (for example, advance payments that have not yet been repaid).

The Teosto Board of Directors may, for good cause shown by the member, decide on a different date for the termination to take effect.

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