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Performances Abroad

For live performances abroad, a performance notification must be submitted in our web service so that we can pay you the performing right royalties. Report the performance as soon as possible after the performance. You can also submit a performance notification when someone else has performed your music live. Performance notifications are not submitted for radio, TV and online performances abroad. For such performances, please submit a claim.

We forward performance notifications and claims to our partner societies which we have signed reciprocal representation agreements with. Based on the agreements, our partner societies collect royalties abroad for the music authors and composers who are members of Teosto and forward them to us.

Live performances

If you have performed abroad at a gig or a concert, submit a performance notification in the Performances section of the web service. For your own performances, ensure that the foreign event organiser provides the event information to the local copyright society. You can include this in the performance contract, for example. If a foreign event organiser asks you to submit a foreign performance notification on site, you should still submit a performance notification in Teosto’s web service as well.

Also submit a performance notification in the web service if someone else has performed your music abroad at a gig or a concert. For example, a composer can submit a performance notification for a foreign orchestra performance of their work. In the performance notification, select Additional information on the performance abroad: My works have been performed abroad by another artist or orchestra and, in addition to other information, also enter Performer name.

Submit the performance notification in time

Please make sure that you submit performance notifications for performances in Finland and abroad by the following deadlines. Performance notifications cannot be submitted in the web service after the deadlines.

Performance notification must be
submitted by
1.1. –
1.4. –
1.7. –
1.10. – of the following year

Radio, TV and online performances

If your music has been performed on a foreign TV or radio channel or in a foreign online service, report and claim music usage by submitting a claim.

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