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If necessary, you can submit a complaint to correct your distribution. You can submit a complaint after a distribution if you notice any omissions or errors in the distribution.

Submit a complaint in the web service

If you notice any omissions or errors in your distribution after the distribution has been made, you can submit a complaint about the omission or error. You can submit a complaint for a performance that took place in Finland or abroad and for which royalties have been distributed incorrectly or not at all.

Complaints can only be submitted via the web service under the Complaints section, where you can find instructions on how to submit a complaint. Please provide all requested information as accurately and in as much detail as possible in the complaint. If the information is incomplete, it will be difficult to find the missing performance. The more detailed information you provide about the performance with the incorrect or missing royalty distribution, the faster the complaint will be processed.  

PLEASE NOTE! Any complaints must be submitted by the deadlines below. Unfortunately, complaints that were submitted late cannot be processed.

  • For March distribution, by 30 April
  • For June distribution, by 31 August
  • For September distribution, by 31 October
  • For December distribution, by 31 January

Before submitting a complaint


  • The distribution schedule on the distribution calendar
    • Depending on the distribution category, the royalties are paid 6 to 12 months after the work was performed. The distribution categories include concerts, radio, TV and background music, among others.
  • Your Own Works list in the web service
    • If the work does not appear in your list of your own works, it has not been registered.
  • The work’s work notification
    • The work notification must be made and the details of any publishing agreement must be submitted to Teosto no later than five months before the distribution date.
  • The accuracy of your account number
    • If your bank account number is missing or incorrect, the payment could not be made. You can check your bank account number on the Paid Royalties tab in the web service.


  • If a work notification, a publishing agreement notification or bank account information was missing and information was submitted or corrected after the distribution preparations started, the notifications cannot be processed. In this case, the payment of the distribution in question will be automatically postponed to the following distribution, meaning that there is no need to submit a complaint.
  • If you have confirmed work notifications in the Unconfirmed Works section or returned the work checklist for new members less than two weeks before the distribution payment date, the works will be included in the distribution after the upcoming distribution.
  • Royalties on performances abroad are generally paid at the earliest 18 months after the performance. 


  • Has your work has accumulated more than EUR 25 in royalties? The minimum sum paid in the distribution is EUR 25. If the royalty amount is lower, the distribution will be postponed until the amount exceeds the limit of EUR 25. In the table we have compiled, you can see approximate estimates of the amount of royalties a work will receive per minute for different performances.

Processing times for complaints   

We process complaints in the order of their arrival and try to process them as soon as possible. However, it may take several weeks to obtain the missing performance information, which means that, unfortunately, the processing time of complaints is several weeks or even months, especially for performances that took place abroad. However, we will automatically send you information about the progress of the processing. 

Payment of the missing royalties

If the complaint is justified, we will pay the missing royalties in the next possible distribution after all of the required performance information has been received and processed. If, for example, your complaint regarding the March distribution was processed by the end of May, we will pay you the missing royalties in the September distribution. You can check the payment dates for distributions in the payment calendar.

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