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Eija Hinkkala


We take care of your rights in Finland and abroad

Lyricist Eija Hinkkala
Member of Teosto since 1991

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We represent composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers. Access comprehensive sales channels for music licenses through us. Become part of our extensive, international networks and have your needs met by our flexible services.

As our member, you can trust us to supervise the economic rights related to the use of your music. We grant the licenses to use your music on your behalf, collect the fees from the businesses and communities using your music and distribute the remunerations to you.

We also actively participate in social discussion. The key themes in our work include improving the occupational and social security of music authors, supporting entrepreneurship and promoting export.

So far, nearly 35,000 music authors, composers and publishers have selected us as their partner.

What can we offer you?

Comprehensive music sales channels

We license your music for radio, TV, online, background music and live use in Finland and abroad. We comprehensively collect and accurately distribute the royalties for the use of your music.

Extensive networks for co-operation

We have a worldwide network for licensing as well as collecting and distributing royalties. We offer consultancy when you wish to build an international career.

Flexible services for your need

You can choose the extent to which you want Teosto to administer your rights. Tap into the security and benefits offered by Teosto while licensing the use of your music personally, under certain conditions.

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