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Taxation and revenue models

Our clientele includes different types of music authors, some of whom make music as their main occupation while others do it on an occasional basis. They might be freelancers or entrepreneurs. Some have their own music publishing companies. The revenue models for different stages of career and life are also suitable for taxation matters. Learn more about the options for your current or future situation.

Different operating models

Copyright royalties as earned income

If the royalty payments for your music are relatively small or you want a simple model, we recommend working with a tax card. In this case, you might make music for yourself or others, work as a house writer in a publishing company or be retired.

Business name and copyright royalties

You can direct your personal Teosto royalties to your business. Through the business name, you can invoice composing, performances and other work.


Earned income and your own publishing company

You are a Teosto member as a music author and publisher. You and your company can sign a publishing agreement on your music so that a part of your distributions is paid to the publishing company.

Your own limited publishing company

You are a Teosto member as a music publisher, but you also receive relatively big personal royalty payments. In this model, you can transfer your personal share of royalties to the limited company.

Your own limited company

The company model suits professional music authors for whom music is an important source of income. In this model, you must have your own limited company.

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