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For New Members

Teosto’s services in a nutshell

Welcome as a member of Teosto! We are happy to have you as a part of Finland’s largest community of music authors. On this page, you can find essential information on what it means to be a member of Teosto.

For nearly a century, we have been advocating for music authors. To this day, our activities are guided by our members, who are music professionals themselves. Our key task is to ensure that you receive the royalties you are entitled to for your music. We also support you in other practical matters so that you can advance your music career and focus on your creative work.

Good cooperation between you and us is particularly important. To help us collect music royalties and distribute them to you, you need to report your new works and performances to us.

  • We register you and your music in international databases.
    • You will receive an international author identity, an IPI number, which acts sort-of as the music author’s personal identification number.
    • Your works will receive unique ISWC identifiers (International Standard Musical Work Code). The identifiers are used to correctly identify your works and their performances around the world, and allow you to receive royalties for their use.
  • We safeguard your music’s copyright in Finland and abroad.
    • We negotiate the agreements, terms and conditions for the use of your music on your behalf with both domestic operators and international services, such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Instagram and TikTok, and we sell licences to use your music.
    • We also safeguard your interests by influencing domestic and EU-level decision-makers to improve the conditions for making professional music, such as taxation and social security.
  • We collect, process and distribute to you the royalties for your music, for performances both in Finland and abroad.
  • We help you navigate the music industry.
    • You will receive the latest newsletters, communications on various social media channels and in our online magazine TeoStory as well as invitations to our events.
    • Our customer service helps you by phone on Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00. In addition, you can use our web service, where you can take care of matters 24/7.
  • We are your gateway to other services that will help you advance your career.
    • You can also join our member organisations, which offer practical support services, such as advice and mentoring.
    • You can access the Finnish Music Foundation MES’s Instrument Bank, where you can lease valuable instruments for studio sessions, gigs or just to try them out.
    • You can apply for various grants and be nominated for one of the biggest monetary art awards in the Nordic countries, the Teosto Prize.

We can only pay royalties to you if you keep us informed of the works and performances you should receive them for. Please remember to submit notifications to us about your works and performances!

When you became a Teosto member, you received a works checklist. The list contains works that have already been added to our work database and in which the author has the same name as you. Go through the list to check if any of your own works are on it. If you are the author of one or more works, please complete the list as instructed and submit it back to us.

  • Why? You or your publisher must submit a work notification in order for us to register your work in the international work database. If you have a publishing agreement, please agree with your publisher that they submit the work notifications. If no work notification has been submitted for your work, we cannot pay you royalties for the use or performance of your work.
  • When? Submit the work notification as soon as your work is finished and at least before it is published.
  • How? In Teosto’s web service (more information below).

Performances: Submit a performance notification whenever you perform live or streamed music

  • Why? If you perform your own music or music made by others in Finland or abroad, always submit a performance notification. You receive royalties when you perform your own music or someone else performs your music. Without a performance notification, we will not have any information about your live or streamed performances and will not be able to pay royalties for them.
  • When? Submit the performance notification as soon as possible after the performance, at the latest by the quarterly deadlines. We cannot process performance notifications submitted late or distribute performing right royalties based on them.
  • How? In Teosto’s web service (more information below).

Remember to also

  • make sure that your contact details, account number and tax card are up-to-date in the web service.
  • check your distributions by the specified deadlines. We distribute royalties to our members four times a year.
  • Our web service is the most important channel for you to handle your matters. In the service, you can submit work and performances notifications and maintain your member details, among other things. We recommend you start to use the web service as soon as you receive your login credentials (our customer service sends the credentials after your membership application has been processed).
  • In your web service profile, you can select the role of an author, a performer or a combination of these. To submit a performance notification, you must also have selected the role of a performer.
  • PLEASE NOTE! As we are currently updating our web service, there are two versions of the service for the time being: old and new. The new version is more user-friendly and clearer, but you may need to change the version to perform some functions. For example, if you want to log out of the web service, you need to switch to the old version and log out there.

We pay you royalties for the public performance, transmission to the audience and recording of your music.

  • Music authors are paid four times a year, which means we distribute royalties every three months.
  • The main distribution with the highest amount of live gig and concert royalties takes place in June.
  • The minimum distribution amount is EUR 25. The first distribution will be paid when this amount is exceeded.
  • Please note that if your music is not played a lot on national radio, TV or large concert arenas, the accumulation of royalties can take time.

Here, we have collected together some concrete examples of how many performances it takes to earn enough royalties to cover our EUR 124 membership fee.

Music rights can be divided into two main categories: rights related to the work i.e. rights related to composition, lyrics and arrangement, and recording rights i.e. rights related to sound recordings.

  • Matters related to the rights of the work and its authors are handled by Teosto. The authors of the work, or the song, are the composer, the lyricist, the arranger, the translator and the music publisher (if the song has been published). It is possible that no recording is made of the work.  
  • Matters related to the rights of the recording, i.e. the reproduction, and its authors are handled by Gramex (in some cases by the record company). If the song is recorded, i.e. made into a digital recording or published on a physical recording medium (a CD, a vinyl record, a cassette), its performers also have copyright to the performance on that recording. The performers are the artists and the bands, i.e. the singers, the musicians and also the financial producer of the record, in other words, the record company.
  • In addition to Gramex, some of the rights and royalties related to recordings are handled by our partner Nordisk Copyright Bureau (NCB) under Teosto’s authorisation.

If your music is published and you play or sing it in the publication yourself, you should not only join Teosto but also Gramex. Gramex membership is free of charge.

The music industry structures entail many different parties with different roles in supporting the important work carried out by music authors. In addition to us, you can also get support and networking opportunities through other music industry organisations and support services.

Music industry organisations

We are one of the organisations safeguarding your interests but definitely not the only one. Teosto membership is also a gateway to the services of our three member organisations. Our member organisations specialise in the needs of different professional groups: the Society of Finnish Composers focuses on composers of art music, the Finnish Music Creators’ Association on music authors and the Finnish Music Publishers Association on music publishers. There are also many other organisations in the industry that are important to authors and promote the development of the Finnish music industry.

Music publishers  

The most important commercial partner of a music author may be a music publisher – especially if you want to make a career abroad. A music publisher’s tasks include actively offering songs from the authors they represent to different artists for performances and trying to get songs included in advertisements, TV programmes or films, for example. It is a good idea also for young authors to approach publishers and discuss cooperation opportunities.  

Top 20 – Future Hitmakers

Top 20 – Future Hitmakers is an intensive course for young, promising music authors. The course application period is in the autumn each year and a new course always starts in January. The objective of the course is to help music authors make progress in their careers and network with other songwriters and music industry professionals as well as to inspire them to create new music. The course is organised in cooperation by Teosto, the Finnish Music Creators’ Association, the Finnish Music Publishers Association and Music Finland.

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