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We have different music usage licences with different prices for different music usage needs.

The amount of compensation to be paid for using music, i.e. the price of Teosto’s licence, depends on the significance of the music to the business operations of its user: the compensation is smaller if you are playing the music as background music and larger if the music has a significant role in your business operations.

Most music usage licences are agreements that are valid until further notice. The agreement’s period of notice is usually one month.


If you need a licence for an event (live or dj gig, concert, festival or other event where you play music), please contact our customer service:

The Event License is for both professional and occasional event organizers who arrange parties, concerts, shows, screenings, exhibitions, fairs and other events where music is played. It includes licenses required for events from Teosto and also from Gramex (copyright Society of Performing Artists and Phonogram Producers in Finland) if recorded music is played.

The event organizer applies for the license – i.e. signs a license agreement – only once before the first event under the license is arranged. After this, the license agreement is valid until further notice and there is no need to re-apply for the license.

Instead, for every new event the event organizer shall submit to Teosto a notification about organizing an event. This notification can be made in our online service. The notification is submitted both for events with entrance fee and for free events.

In addition to details about the event organizer, the information to be submitted to Teosto includes the revenues from possible ticket sales of the event or the amount of public attending in the event if the event is free-of-charge.  Note!: our online service is in Finnish only. If you need help, please contact our customer service.


License for live streaming (pdf)

Event Licence 2020  (concerts, festivals, individual events, pdf)

Live music at an event (restaurants, dancehalls, pdf)

Mechanically reproduced dance music and karaoke at an event (pdf)

Background music at an event (pdf)

Music in staff premises and at staff events (pdf)

Music in stage performances (pdf)

Music at fairs and exhibitions (pdf)

If you need a licence for playing background music in business premises (hair dresser, beauty parlor, shop, restaurant, café, taxi etc.), please go to

Information on performance licences of recorded music, please visit the Gramex website or call customer service +358 50 518 9893.

For recording licences (such as CDs), visual recordings (such as television shows, movies and DVDs) and commercial music, visit Nordisk Copyright Bureau NCB.

Please contact Teosto’s medialicensing team:

A music usage licence is needed for distributing, spreading or performing music on the Internet and in online services. Private users also need the licence if they use music, for example, on their own websites or share it with others for downloading.



Radio channels pay performing rights royalties for the music they play that is protected by copyright. The sum payable by radio operators is affected by the amount of music they play and, in the case of commercial radio channels, the channel’s revenue.

Internet Radios

The price of the licence is a certain percentage of the Internet radio’s revenue. If the radio has little or no revenue, they will pay a minimum fee, which is determined by the amount of music played and the number of potential simultaneous listeners.


Television companies broadcast content not only via free-to-air channels, but also via pay-TV channels and over Internet.  The companies pay performing right royalties for any copyrighted music included in the content they broadcast. Teosto and television companies negotiate the terms and pricing of music use yearly.


Minor Media License

Free to end user audiovisual content (pdf) 
AV-content, consumer payable  (pdf) 
AV-content, paid for commercial use (pdf) 
Cable distribution of a test channel (pdf) 

Radio tariffs (pdf)
Internetradios, webcasting (pdf)


Teosto rightholders (composers, lyricists and publishers) may also personally grant the use rights for their music in an individual use instance. Such instances include individual concerts, television shows or other performances.

When a rightholder grants use rights for their music in a certain instance, they shall agree on the use compensation for the work with the party using the music and invoice said party accordingly.

The granting of use rights for works also covers performing, mechanical reproduction and/or synchronisation rights or some of these rights. Once a rightholder personally grants use rights for their music, Teosto or NCB shall not license the use of the music or collect or distribute any royalties for the rights under self-administration to the rightholders.

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