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EUR 5.3 million paid to music authors and publishers in December distribution


On 18 December, Finnish music authors and publishers will be paid about EUR 5.3 million in performing right royalties. The December distribution includes performing right royalties collected in Finland, compensation for private copying, royalties for the performance of Finnish authors’ works abroad as well as online and mechanical reproduction royalties.

Of the performing rights royalties collected in Finland, Teosto is paying out EUR 2.4 million to foreign rightholders.

Performing right royalties and mechanical reproduction royalties distributed to domestic rightholders, by distribution area

Distribution area 


 Commercial radio stations 


 Major concerts 


 Lending compensation 




 Resolved disputes 


 Private copying fee 


 Royalties for performances abroad 


 Mechanical reproduction royalties paid by NCB 




See Teosto’s web service for a statement of your distribution

Your personal distribution statement lists payments due to you, analysed by work and by distribution area. This December marks the first time that the Polaris system is being used for distributing royalties for commercial radio, major concerts and performances abroad. You can examine statements for these areas through the online search function in our web service.

The online search function will enable you to analyse your statement by distribution area (radio, events etc), by work performed or by country where performed. The online statement will also include more details than before, including data on which radio stations have played your works.

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