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Finnish music industry organisations to move to shared premises


Finnish music industry organisations will move to shared office premises in the Keilalampi building in Espoo in the spring 2021.  The project was started by collective management organisations Gramex and Teosto, who also coordinate the project. 

The cooperative project aims to create a positive future in the post-coronavirus world and is unique within the music industry, both in Finland and internationally. The project increases community spirit and efficiency and also makes the use of space more efficient.

“A few years ago, we founded a joint venture that offers Teosto and Gramex’s background music licences from one place. And now, we and six other organisations are moving to the same address. Moving towards the post-coronavirus world, we are creating a completely new set of possibilities for cooperation within the Finnish music industry,” says Ilmo Laevuo, the Managing Director of Gramex.

“This project is unique within the music industry, also from an international perspective. Moving to shared premises allows even smoother cooperation, development of the industry and also significant cost savings. I believe that, with this project, we can significantly increase the influence of the music industry within society. I am happy that we are able to take part in building a community of the future that has music as the common denominator,” says Risto Salminen, the CEO of Teosto.

Nine music industry organisations under the same roof

The lease for the Keilalampi premises was signed on 27 April 2020. The following nine music industry organisations will move to the shared premises: Gramex, Teosto, GT Musiikkiluvat, IFPI Finland, The Society of Finnish Composers, Finnish Music Creators’ Association, the Finnish Music Publishers Association, Music Finland and the Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC).

The goal of moving to the same address is to improve cooperation among the organisations, develop the work environment and make the use of space more efficient as well as improve communication. At the same time, we wanted to create even better and more practical facilities for work.

The efficient and completely renovated premises are being created in Keilalampi, which is located by the sea and very close to the Keilaniemi metro station. Every organisation will have their own workspace, and the premises also include a sufficient amount of space for meetings and negotiations. In addition to the music industry organisations, the Keilalampi office building will also be home to the insurance company IF.

The organisations will move to the new premises in April 2021.

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