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Unidentified works

Teosto distributions accrue for works with incomplete information on the authors. Teosto has received performance notifications concerning the works, but all the authors of the works (e.g. composers, lyricists) have not been identified. Below you will find a list of works for which royalties have accrued in 2016. It has not been possible to pay the Teosto distributions entirely.

Instructions for reading the list:

  • For works marked entirely in black, the work notification may be missing.
  • For works marked in green, the distributions for unidentified authors could not be paid.

If you find your work on the list, do the following:

Log in to the Teosto online service and make a work notification. If you are not a Teosto customer, please e-mail us with the information of the work you have identified (name and number of work) and your role in creating it. Our e-mail address is

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