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More than EUR 1 million in performing right royalties from abroad paid to Finnish music authors and publishers


On 30 October, Finnish music authors and publishers will be paid about EUR 1.2 million in performing right royalties. The October distribution includes royalties from performances of music abroad and in online services and from retransmission on cable TV.

Most of the sum now paid out comprises royalties paid for performances of Finnish works abroad. The royalties were mainly collected on performances in 2012. The largest amounts were collected from Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark and Great Britain.             

The distribution also includes royalties for the use of music in online services. The online royalties distributed total EUR 157,454 and were collected on performances of music between 1 April and 30 June 2013.

Finnish publishers are also paid royalties for retransmission of music on cable TV in 2012. The cable TV retransmission royalties amount to EUR 57,941 in all.

See Teosto’s web service for a statement of your distribution

If you are being paid royalties for performances of your music in the October distribution, you will be able to view the exact sums and an itemisation of your royalties by work in our web service from the date of the distribution.

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