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Music Finland unites Musex and Fimic


The Finnish music organizations unite the operations of Music Export Finland and Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic under one new organization. The new association extensively promotes the awareness of Finnish music, including the availability and use of Finnish live music, recordings and sheet music in Finland and abroad, as well as helps the Finnish music industry increase its export revenue.

The founding meeting of Music Finland was held on October 4, 2011. The operations of Musex and Fimic will be integrated into the new association within the year 2012.

Musex was founded to promote the awareness and use of Finnish popular music abroad and to increase export revenues. The task of Fimic is to increase the awareness and availability of Finnish music, and to generate new performances both in Finland and abroad.

This union will strengthen music export and information services as well as the promotional goals of the Finnish music business. The merge also aims to improve customer service, cut overlappings and develop the financing structure. This joining together answers the objective of the Ministry of Employment and Economy and the Ministry of Education and Culture to decrease the number of export and internationalization organizations in the creative business.

The founding members of Music Finland are Copyright Society of Performing Artists and Phonogram Producers in Finland Gramex, Ifpi Finland, Finnish Music Publishers Association, Finnish Musicians’ Union, Finnish Independent Labels Association Indieco, Finnish Society of Popular Music Composers and Authors ELVIS, Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto, and Society of Finnish Composers.

For additional information:

Wemppa Koivumäki, Chairman of Musex, tel. +358 40 547 0646
Ahti Vänttinen, Vice Chairman of Fimic, tel. +358 50 569 5585

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