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Q&A: Youtube and Youtube Music Key



As a member of Teosto, can I upload my own music to Youtube?

Yes, you can.

If there are other authors — who are not customers of Teosto or who do not have other agreements on using music on Youtube – you need their permission to upload the music. You also need to secure permission from all the other rightsholders, such as producers, director of the video, musicians etc. depending on the situation.

Be sure to remember to register your songs to Teosto’s database. You can receive royalties if Youtube can embed advertisements to your videos or your videos are watched in Youtube Music Key.

Do I need a separate permission to use Youtube?

No, you do not need a separate permission to use Youtube.

Consequently you do not need a separate permission to upload your music to Youtube. Be sure to have permission from all the rightsholders before you upload a song to Youtube. If there are Teosto’s members involved, you do not need separate permission from them since Teosto has an agreement with Youtube on music utilization.

How much does it cost to upload a song on Youtube?

For the rights that Teosto represents and manages, you don’t need to pay any fees for uploading a song to Youtube.

All the other (non-Teosto) authors have a right to determine the use of their creative work on their own. This includes also the possible financial terms. This is something that one should negotiate before uploading anything to Youtube.

Can I upload cover song to Youtube?

According to the Youtube’s Terms of Service one should have all the rights to the song that he/she wants to upload to Youtube. Therefore you need to ask for a permission from all the other (non-Teosto) rightsholders.

Rightsholders can at any time ask for the deletion of the material uploaded without a permission.

Youtube is owned by Google and Google is responsible for all the policies and actions related to the service. Teosto cannot influence these matters. Teosto and Google have an agreement on music utilization which enables authors to receive royalties when their videos are being watched in the service. All the clients of Teosto have a right to forbid the utilization of their music.

As a member of Teosto, how can I get royalties from songs uploaded to Youtube?

You can get royalties when your videos are watched or listened to on Youtube in Finland. Revenue is generated when advertisements are displayed against YouTube partner’s videos and Fan Picked Videos or when your videos are watched or listened to in Youtube Music Key. Collecting these royalties also requires that you have registered your songs to Teosto’s database.

The amount of royalties is determined by advertising and by how many times your videos have been watched.

Can I use Youtube playlists in my events?

Unfortunately no since Youtube’s Terms of Service require you to use the service privately. Teosto also prerequisites that Youtube offers content only for private, non-commercial use. If Youtube’s public or commercial use becomes available in the future, we will keep you informed.

Can I forbid my song from being used on Youtube?

Yes. You can at any time forbid your songs from being used on Youtube regardless of the fact that Teosto has an agreement with Youtube.  If you wish to do so, we recommend you to use the following link:

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