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Results from Teosto’s survey to international music societies: “Openness, efficiency, professionalism, good standing”


Teosto conveyed a customer satisfaction survey to international music societies in July 2015. The aim of the survey was to find out how Teosto is perceived by other societies and whether Teosto’s services to societies fulfill their needs.

Results show that the societies are overall very satisfied with Teosto. 70% of recipients were either extremely or very satisfied with Teosto.

Working and co-operating with Teosto was perceived easy and satisfaction to Teosto’s distribution processes and distribution accuracy was on a good level. The survey showed that societies trust Teosto and its professionalism is valued high. Also Teosto’s website got good feedback.

However, lengthy response times to queries and claims were found as a subject for improvement. Improving performance in this will be Teosto’s priority in the near future.

We received answers form societies in every continent and wish to thank you all for your valuable time completing the survey. The results will help us develop our services to the right direction and we’re happy to share the main findings of the survey.

More information:
Satu Mättö / Teosto
Tel. +358 40 538 1500


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