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Teosto members receive 4.5 million euros in March distribution


The first distribution in 2018 was paid to Teosto members on 22 March 2018. The total sum of the March distribution was 4.5 million euros and it included royalties to both Teosto’s national and international rightholder members.

The distribution included royalties from the following categories and dates:

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Payments included in the distribution

The March distribution included royalties mainly from radio performances and background music royalties based on radio plays. The online distribution included royalties from the following online services: YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Beatport, Google Play and Microsoft Xbox. 

Distribution category Total of distribution
Yle radio stations M€ 1.27
Commercial radio stations M€ 0.78
Background music, radio M€ 1.19
Distributions from abroad M€ 0.48
NMP: online distribution M€ 0.59
**Missing work notifications M€ 0.13
**Resolved disputes M€ 0.09

Distribution to teosto members four times a year

Teosto pays distribution to its members four times a year. The main distribution is paid in June. 

This year’s distribution dates are March 22, June 14, September 20 and December 13. 

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