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Teosto protecting your rights


The purpose of the safeguarding of interests undertaken by Teosto is to reinforce the political and legislative foundation for the success of Finnish music authors.

We focus on lobbying on a number of fronts, to ensure that the voice of authors is heard by decision-makers. The General Meeting and the Board of Directors elected by it steer Teosto activities.

Teosto represents around 26,000 music authors ‒ that is, practically all Finnish professional composers, songwriters and lyricists. Teosto strives to safeguard the basic requirements for professional music-making and publishing:

  • Copyright services are available locally and in the customers’ mother tongue.
  • Freedom of contract and the principle of protection of the weaker party are retained.
  • Music authors receive reasonable compensation for the use of their works in new contexts and new markets.
  • The system of fair compensation for private copying will be revised to secure the financial prerequisites for activities within the sector, under circumstances of rapid technological development.

As part of its lobbying efforts, Teosto launched its own Government Programme goals prior to the 2011 parliamentary elections. Teosto meets with political decision-makers on a regular and systematic basis, voicing the needs of music authors via MPs and the Cultural Ambassadors associated with MEPs.

Subjects important to music authors include: reform of the employment, social security and tax provisions concerning those working in the creative industries; supporting entrepreneurship; and promoting cultural exports.

Teosto protects the interests of authors in the law-drafting process by issuing statements, while also participating in the activities of the Copyright Council, appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Teosto is obtaining up-to-date research and marketing information to support its views, both by conducting studies itself and by acquiring information from outside sources. Teosto is involved in the IPR University Center, which undertakes research and training in the field of intellectual property rights.

Teosto also participates in the creative workers’ and entrepreneurs’ association Lyhty  project.

On the international stage, besides direct contacts, Teosto participates in the activities of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (Cisac) and European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers (Gesac)

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