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The Teosto rightholder membership agreement was amended on 18 March


The new amended membership agreement makes managing copyrights more flexible for composers, lyricists and publishers. Our aim is to develop Teosto’s operations and services to better respond to the changing needs of our members and the market, and making the membership agreement more flexible is the first step towards this goal.

Copyright management becomes more flexible with the new agreement

In the future, composers, lyricists and publishers can agree on the use of their music more flexibly while retaining their Teosto membership. Under the amended membership agreement, our members can:

  1. fully withdraw one or more works from Teosto’s administration, and
  2. grant use rights for a single work or a single use instance themselves

At the same time, Teosto’s Board of Directors has also agreed on some other updates to the agreement.

The following articles of the membership agreement have been amended:

  • Article 1: Criteria for qualifying for a client relationship
  • Article 2: The rights conveyed to Teosto
  • Article 3 a: Supplementing the rights conveyed to Teosto or the extent of the conveyance
  • Article 3 b: Case-specific use rights (new article)
  • Article 4: Grand rights
  • Article 5: Use of works in commercial advertisements
  • Article 7: Works
  • Article 9: Distribution of royalties
  • Article 12: Obligations of the Publisher Client
  • Article 13: Notification of works
  • Article 14: Legal actions
  • Article 16: Breach of the Agreement
  • Article 17: Amendments to the Agreement
  • Article 18: Processing of personal data
  • Article 19: Withdrawing a work from the membership agreement (new article)

The amended agreement will be available on our website in English during March. You can find the agreement in Finnish here.

The amended agreement will automatically come into force on 18 March

The amended agreement will automatically come into force on 18 March with no further actions required. The new agreement’s additional features for increased flexibility are optional, and if you wish, you can continue your Teosto membership the same as before. 

If you do not accept the terms of the amended membership agreement, you can terminate your membership by delivering your written notice of termination to Teosto by 30 June 2019 either via mail at Urho Kekkosen katu 2 C, 00100 Helsinki or via e-mail at

In all other cases, the administration of your rights will continue in accordance with the amended membership agreement.

We are enhancing our operating model

In the early stages, self-administration notices for spring 2019 are delivered to Teosto in writing on the specified forms. Starting from summer 2019, rightholders can manage their copyrights using Teosto’s online services.

During the first phase, forms and guidelines have been developed for the areas of music use with the highest demand for self-administration services. At the moment, the specified forms for granting use rights are available for music to be performed in a live music event or used in an audio-visual production (e.g. television shows, commercials, films).

If you wish to grant use rights for your music in an instance other than a live performance or an audio-visual production, please contact our customer service at:, tel. +358 (0)10 808 118. 

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