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We have a new website!


We hope the new website will serve our members and those interested in learning more about music even better. The home page now offers  information in the Frequently Asked Questions section and access to the most important service paths by clicking the blue buttons.

Our goal is to help and support music authors, composers and publishers in matters related to copyright and royalties, offer information on becoming a Teosto member and what one should take into account when registering as a private trader, starting a business or playing gigs abroad.   

You can also learn more about getting licenses for using music through the website and our customer service. We also provide information about our activities – in the form of numbers and our transparency report as well as by talking about our development and innovation projects and sharing information about the music industry research we have carried out.

Amazing music authors and composers in pictures 

We have also updated our website visually. You will see many interesting music authors and composers in the photos. You can check out the music made by these gifted songwriters by listening to the Teosto Prize nominees Spotify playlist, which you can find on our website.

If you want to search for more information, we recommend using the search tool or the Site Map at the bottom of the page. 

We’re collecting feedback 

We want to continue making our website more user-friendly. During the development project, we have been collecting feedback through an electronic survey and personal interviews. 

You may see the quick feedback survey when you visit our website, but you can also send us feedback directly: Kaisa Huikuri, Communications Manager,

Welcome to our website! 

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