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Use of Music in Education

Recordings and AV productions
A strong 2023 for Teosto – more and more music authors and publishers receive Teosto royalties …
Concerts, Festivals, Conventions
Concerts, Festivals, Conventions …
Instructions for Choirs
Choirs must submit performance notifications for their performances, i.e. report the information about the music performed at the event. In addition to…
A strong 2023 for Teosto – more and more music authors and publishers receive Teosto royalties
Teosto, which collects music copyright royalties for composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers in Finland, increased its revenue by almost 4%, from…
Teosto’s key figures in 2023
Teosto’s key figures in 2023 Royalties collected by Teosto Distributions from Teosto to music authors and…
Annual report 2023
2023 was a strong year for Teosto, as both the amount of royalties we collected and our total distribution to music composers, lyricists, arrangers and music…
Keikka konsertti
Licences for Restaurants

If music is playing in the restaurant, a licence is required. The type of licence required depends on a few factors:

Zachris Stierncreutz eli Knipi
Pricing of and invoicing for licences
The amount of royalties paid for the use of music, that is the price of the different licences, is based on the significance of the music in the user’s…
How to use the web service
With our easy-to-use web service, you can take care of your business when it suits you best. You can use the service to report new works and live performances,…
If necessary, you can submit a complaint to correct your distribution. You can submit a complaint after a distribution if you notice any omissions or errors in…
The Teosto Prize 2024 goes to the works of Minna Leinonen and Tinyhawk & Bizzarro
The winners of the 2024 Teosto Prize are Minna Leinonen’s composition …and we are rotating with it and Jenni Kinnunen’s compositions and Kinnunen’s and…
Discrimination in the music industry still prevalent – discrimination based on ethnicity, age or gender is especially common
Discrimination and inappropriate treatment are still prevalent in the Finnish music industry. For example, up to 61% of individuals belonging to ethnic…
Teosto distributes EUR 12.5 million to music authors and publishers
Today, on 21 March 2024, Teosto has distributed a total of EUR 12.5 million in royalties to composers, lyricists, arrangers, and music publishers. Of this…
New ISNI Identifier creates better opportunities for international author identification
A recently completed report  examines the benefits of the ISNI identifier and its potential to copyright management organisations (CMO). This unique…
Seven works of music nominated for the 2024 Teosto Prize
The nominees for the 2024 Teosto Prize were selected from Finnish works of music published or premiered in 2023. The Teosto Prize, which was first awarded in…
Survey to Collect Information about Equality and Discrimination in the Finnish Music Industry
Teosto is releasing a survey aimed at individuals working in the music industry, with the objective of assessing the state of equality and discrimination…
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