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Music licences from Teosto


Music licences from Teosto
Teosto grants licences to use music on behalf of affiliated Finnish and foreign music authors and publishers. Teosto’s music using customers are, for example, the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, commercial radio and television companies, organizers of concerts and other events, audio and video producers and various organizations that use music in their business for the entertainment of customers or personnel.

Setting tariffs for music licences. Teosto negotiates and agrees the tariffs for music use with the music using customers or their umbrella organizations. Were there no copyright organizations the music using customers would have to negotiate separately with each Finnish or foreign music author.

The tariff of a music licence is, among others, based on the value of music for the user and whether it is live or recorded music. The majority of the program of a commercial radio station consists of music and, thus, music has an important role in the business of the station. For a company using background music on its premises music has a less significant role. The price of the licence for the different types of use varies accordingly.

Mechanical reproduction of music
Protected music is, among others, reproduced on CDs, computers, films, videos and commercials. A reproduction intended for sale, free distribution or public performance needs permission from the authors and publishers of the reproduced works. The licence can be obtained from Teosto.

Do you use music in your business? If you consider using music in your business, please contact our customer services for licence applications.
Tel. +358 9 681 011

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