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Teosto distributes more than EUR 11 million to music authors and publishers

eri suuruisia euron seteleitä

Today, 23 March, Teosto has paid a total of EUR 11.3 million in royalties to composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers. Of the total, EUR 5.4 million was paid to Teosto’s Finnish members. The rest of the royalties was paid to foreign authors and publishers through international organisations. In total, more than 6 000 music authors and publishers will receive royalties in March.

Teosto makes distributions once every quarter. The royalties in this distribution are for music used in concerts, radio, television, as background music, in online and streaming services, in the Ruutu and Ruutu+ services and in Yle Areena mainly during the third quarter of 2022.

The amount paid to an individual author may vary from a few euros to thousands of euros, depending on how many times their work has been performed and their share of the work. The median amount distributed to a single music author was about EUR 100.

The March 2023 distribution is about EUR 1.6 million larger than the March 2022 distribution

This larger distribution is mainly caused by the increased royalties from the TV area and significant growth in the number of concerts since the COVID-19 period. Last March, only about EUR 44,000 was distributed as concert performing right royalties for the July–September period, whereas this year the distribution from the corresponding period is more than EUR 1.4 million.

The smaller amounts of royalties from abroad are caused by the different distribution cycles of foreign collective management organisations.

Teosto collected royalties for the public performance, broadcasting and reproduction of music as follows:

The royalties paid in March 2023 were collected for the following categories of rights:

Category of rightsMarch 2023 M€March 2022 M€
Radio and TV6,35,0
Public performance2,81,6
Online services1,31,6
Multiple (foreign countries, corrections)0,91.5

Distributions are made four times a year

You can find out more about Teosto’s distributions on the Distributions page.

The total amount distributed by Teosto varies, depending on how comprehensively royalties are collected in each music use area, and how quickly these can be targeted at the work to which they belong. Allocating the royalties requires work notifications submitted by music authors to Teosto for their own work as well as performance notifications or music use reports submitted by music performers and users.

Teosto distributes royalties to its member composers, lyricists, arrangers and publishers four times a year. After March 2023, the next distribution will be made on 8 June 2023.

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