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Teosto’s Turo Pekari at the Ny:Lon Connect event: The future of music is happening in the Nordic countries


Speaking at Ny:Lon Connect, a professional event for decision-makers in the music industry, Teosto’s Senior advisor for innovation and discovery Turo Pekari predicted that  the development of the Nordic music markets will show the way for what happens on larger markets in the years ahead.  Although the Nordic countries are individually small markets, they are similar and taken together they form a significant market area.

“Being a pioneer in the digital music markets has led to a situation in which digital music and streaming are now overwhelmingly the most important source of income in the recording industry in the Nordic countries. The growth in digital music is already starting to show signs of slowing,”, Pekari comments.

Although streaming services have become an economic lifeline for record companies and artists, composers and publishers still make most of their income from other sources.

Ny:lon Connect gives an overview of the leading and emerging music markets

Ny:Lon Connect was held in London from 24-25 January 2017, and among the subjects discussed were the ongoing changes in the music sector, and the market areas that are forefront of those changes. The event was jointly organised by the British research and consulting firm Music Ally and the Music Business Association, an organisation based in the United States.

Teosto’s Turo Pekari was present at the event to talk about the music market changes in the Nordic countries, and about Teosto Futures Lab (TFL). TFL is a new concept that provides a platform for innovations and development in the music industry. TFL is part of events and international innovation networks in the music industry and it cooperates with national and international developers, startups, technology companies and researchers in Finland, the rest of Europe and the USA.

The efforts of Teosto Futures Lab are focused on networking and cooperation. Future Lab projects relate to technology, new business models and services, and research and education projects.

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