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Work notification


As a member of Teosto, you are responsible for submitting work notifications on all of your compositions, lyrics, arrangements and translations. This is necessary in order for us to be able to correctly distribute copyright royalties resulting from the mechanical reproduction and performance of works.

Submit a work notification as soon as you finish the related work, wherever there is the intention to perform or mechanically reproduce said work as an audio or video recording.

Which details are included in
work notifications?

Fill in the following in work notifications:

  • Name of the work.
  • Authors such as the composer, lyricist, arranger and translator.
  • Percentage share, according to which royalties related to the work are paid to the rightholders.

You can submit work notifications via our online service. If you do not have a user ID and password for the online service, get them here.

The information included in work notifications is stored in a Nordic works database that you can browse via the online service.

When one of your works is performed or mechanically reproduced as an audio or video recording and we are notified of this performance or mechanical reproduction by the users of the music, the royalties distributed to youcan be calculated.

Arrangements and translations

You require the permission of the copyright holder for arranging a copyright-protected composition and translating a copyright-protected lyric. If the work in question has been published, permission is usually requested from the publisher of the work. If the work in question has not been published, permission is requested from its authors.

Teosto will not secure permission for an arrangement or translation on your behalf, but may help you obtain the required contact information.

If the intention is to record the new arrangement or translation, the maker of the recording must ensure that all permissions are in order prior to recording the work.

You must inform Teosto of an arrangement of a Finnish composition and of the translation of the related lyric, by means of a work notification.

Any permissions related to foreign works will be granted by the publisher. Send a copy of the arrangement or translation permission you have obtained to Teosto by email. No work notification is required for these works.

Arrangement of works in the public domain

The share obtained by the arranger of a work in the public domain is determined by the Teosto Repertoire Committee. Works in whose case the end of the author’s year of death occurred at least 70 years ago constitute works in the public domain. Works can also be partially in the public domain.

For further information, contact our helpdesk at the number +358 10 808 118*, or by email.

*Calling a 01080 number costs 8.28 eurocents per call + 5.95 eurocents per minute from a Finnish landline and 8.28 eurocents per call and 17.04 eurocents per minute from a Finnish mobile phone.

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