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Survey to Collect Information about Equality and Discrimination in the Finnish Music Industry


Teosto is releasing a survey aimed at individuals working in the music industry, with the objective of assessing the state of equality and discrimination within the sector. The survey aims to collect information about discrimination experiences among various minority groups and their impact on the development and future of the Finnish music industry.

Equality and non-discrimination are fundamental rights that are based on international and national regulations and agreements. According to the Non-Discrimination Act, no one may be discriminated against because of their age, origin, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, disability, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics.

Teosto has launched a survey targeting the music industry to find out how well non-discrimination is upheld within the sector. Responses are sought from composers, lyricists, musicians and producers, as well as employees of record labels, publishers and other industry stakeholders, including students in the field. Diversity is seen as an important theme for the renewal and development of the Finnish music industry.

“Everyone has the right to be treated in an equal and non-discriminatory way. The future success of the Finnish music industry also depends on how well we can harness all available talent without being hindered by discrimination or prejudice,” says Vappu Aura, Teosto’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs.

The survey also aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the representation of various minority groups within the Finnish music industry. It will assess the status of sexual and gender minorities, as well as ethnic, linguistic, and disabled minorities in music. Information will also be gathered regarding age discrimination.

“The music industry is a leader in many areas of social responsibility and, in recent years, guidelines have been published to address discrimination and harassment. Through this survey, we hope to identify which groups are still particularly vulnerable within the Finnish music industry,” Aura adds.

Last year, Teosto, together with eleven music industry stakeholders, conducted a survey on gender equality in the industry. The results sparked extensive discussions and initiatives to address the gender imbalance in the field.

The results will be published on Teosto’s website during the spring. This survey also aims to find ways to more effectively address any potential hidden issues within the Finnish music industry.

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